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Pronounced “Uhn-dja-ye-muhn”, Enjaillement is a term that originated from Ivory Coast and that has been popularized across West Africa and the “francophone world” within the last decade or so. Enjaillement is usually used to describe exceptional enjoyment & good times with family, friends or acquaintances and will typically involve lots of laughter, food, dancing, and sometimes a drink or two!



Founded in February of 2017 by Ivan Touko, Enjaillement Society is a collective of driven and enthusiastic francophones & francophiles aiming to offer the highest quality of Event Production & Entertainment Services in both French & English. We specialize in bringing people together and creating memories that lasts a lifetime. Enjaillement Society was born out of needs that were observed within the greater Edmonton community, for more quality event production and entertainment services. Our ultimate goal is to promote, spread & share the love, complexities and diversity of the many wonderful "cultures" around the globe that we’ve been exposed to with the rest of Edmonton, Alberta & Canada.


Hey Ivan, I didn’t get the chance to thank you last night but you absolutely nailed it!

/  kaly macdonald, vp of aufsj  /



Our amazing, versatile and à la mode team comes with over 5 years of experiences producing, planning and/or coordinating a diverse range of events around Alberta. From Conference all the way to Social nights and passing by fundraisers & festivals, we've done it all!

Whether you need someone to conceptualize, plan and/or bring to life your end of year corporate celebration or your dream bachelorette party, we are here for you!

Furthermore, as an experienced dance instructor, our founder & CEO Ivan has had the opportunity to not only perform around the city for many years but has also taught one on one private lessons and facilitated team building activities for various businesses & corporations


Events & Prototyping Director at ribbon rouge 2017 - present

founder & ceo of enjaillement society
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